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Amber Jewellery

Beautiful, Handcrafted Earrings, Rings and Brooches

Welcome to Forever Amber Jewellery. We hand make amber rings, pendants and earrings made from the finest pieces of Baltic amber and sterling silver. Each piece is lovingly crafted with the utmost care and attention and is designed to last a lifetime.

One of the oldest forms of jewellery that was bought and sold on ancient trade routes, amber is timeless, beautiful and truly unique. We produce a range of elegant amber jewellery that also includes brooches, necklaces and bracelets, and you'll be sure to find something extraordinary for you or that special someone.






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Amber Earrings

We have a range of earrings from simple studs to long, dangling pieces, all of which will add colour and charm to your outfit.

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Amber Pendants

Our charming pendants utilise beautiful amber gems to create eye-catching pieces that are both timeless and elegant.

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Amber Rings

We use sterling silver and the finest amber gems to construct the perfect accessory, that will really complement your look.

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Amber Broaches

Our beautiful and exquisite brooches are available in a number of magical designs.

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Amber Bracelets

Our elegant bracelets are available in a range of stunning colours and really showcase the beauty of Baltic amber.

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Amber Necklaces

All of our necklaces are made from natural amber and will really finish your outfit.

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Amber Lamps

Our lamps capture the beauty and elegance of amber and are designed in a timeless art nouveau/art deco style.

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What is Amber?

Amber is a fossilised tree resin that dates back more than 40-60 million years. Even in ancient cultures it was a highly sought-after material that was used for its protective, medicinal and decorative properties. What makes amber so unique is its ability to preserve the past. You will often find tiny spores, leaves and even insects within the amber which is why amber is often referred to as a window to the past.

Amber can be found all over the world, but most of it is produced in the Baltic. The best-known areas are Kaliningrad, Russia and Gdansk, Poland, where amber nuggets regularly wash up on the coast.






About Forever Amber Jewellery

Forever Amber Jewellery was formed in 1991 by Irek Kalisz, a jeweller who had perfected his craft in Poland, where much of the amber trade comes from. Irek's close relationship with Poland means that he can acquire high quality natural amber that is perfect for rings, pendants and necklaces. With customers all over the world, we have been able to continue for so long by committing ourselves to the highest standards, and this is reflected in the products we create.

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